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BIENVENIDOS A SECNATION.NET DISFRUTA DE LA WEB >> Are you looking smtp inbox, mailer, cpanel, php shells, webmail, rdp admin, scampage

Discussion in 'PROGRAMACIÓN' started by d4rkshop, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. d4rkshop

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    Apr 15, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    We are introducing you an automated system to provide you fresh tools for spam. Inbox Mailer, smtp, Webmail server, PHP Shells and Web Panels (cPanels / DirectAdmin).

    Who we are?

    Are spammer team We & webhacking professionals who dedicated their skills and techniques to provide you fresh good tools for spam

    If you want we will account for spam you

    + Bank account (CHASE, BOA, Wells Fargo, USAA, Royal Bank, ... SunTrust )
    + Email Pass (All domain mail, business, company, CEO, FCO, Office 365, comcast, amazon, ebay, paypal ...)

    Our products

    1. Inbox mailer : $ 15.00
    2. Inbox smtp: $ 15.00
    3. Webmail: $ 10.00
    4. Https / http shells: $ 5.00
    5. the Https / http cPanels: $ 7.00
    6. the RDP: $ 15.00
    7: Scampage Any For site: $ 20.00

    the Readme

    - for We do not a scam, we will of not the run with your money or balance like manual sellers Via the Instant Messenger
    - for We do not sell dead stuff found here Because <br> we have automatic torque checker for anything and IT's real-time checker


    - for Always available to the serve you the when <br> we are in stock, the get your tools Whenever you Up Need
    - the Stop saving your tools on text file or browser bookmark, the let us help you to IT found here and the save IT access from everywhere
    - the Simply the ask for a refund to Our support the if's got bad tools

    the Contacts

    a Skype: d4rkshop
    ICQ to: 666 543 817

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